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FINALLY, the perfect coaching program designed to grow your business, increase your earnings and elevate your life.

Elevate gives you an entire year’s worth of business know-how covering a solid plan of online and offline strategies, handed to you in easy-to-implement lessons. You’ll learn the most up-to-date, proven strategies, tools, and tactics so you move past the hurdles and overwhelm of growing a business and accelerate your success.

Best of all, Elevate was created for busy entrepreneurs. The curriculum is designed to help you grow your business in as little as 30 minutes a day!

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“100 Ways to Elevate Your Success”, a FREE business-building ebook from Elevate Founder and Lead Coach Ali Brown

In this ebook, Ali shares 100 tips that helped her grow her business and become one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of her generation. From goal setting, to effective marketing to creating multiple income streams, this ebook will inspire you! You will learn 100 tips on how to be more prosperous and increase your profits immediately. Enter your information below to get yours FREE (a $47 value) now.

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Ali Brown

“My #1 Secret to Productivity: Batching”
by Elevate Founder and Lead Coach Ali Brown

One of the most exciting parts of starting and growing a business for most of us is the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. No one else dictating our schedule, how we work, or even what we’re working on. I remember those first days after I walked out of my last real job in NYC, practically singing “Born Free”!

But then the following week, I was humming a different tune…something like “Freak Out”…I realized I had jumped from a predictable pool into a vast ocean of freedom, and I had no idea how to structure my time. Each day I’d wake up and go from task to task and not have any organized way to do it, or a way to rank my priorities.

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Cynthia Bazin

Cynthia Bazin

Folsom, CA

Read about Elevate member Cynthia Bazin, founder of SmartChic. She was our spotlight during our August 2014 call.

Enjoy our quick interview with Cynthia below, and be sure to take notes. There are several golden nuggets you can apply to YOUR business right away!

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Elevate Coach Joy Chudacoff Joy Chudacoff

Joy Chudacoff is said to have x-ray vision when it comes to helping women discover their big ideas, dreams and goals. Heralded as “The Coach for Women” in the millennium, Joy draws on both her personal life and entrepreneurial experiences to support women in achieving better ways of living…read more